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From Riches to Rags …

“Money can’t buy happiness.”
Yeah, yeah, we all know that famous saying. In theory, it sounds right, but putting those words of wisdom into action isn’t so easy. Lets’ face it, most of us have no greater attachment than we do to money, and no greater fear than not having enough of it.
Every once in [...]

Sacred Yoga Symbols

Symbols adorn our world at every turn, in our spiritual, social and political experience. A ring or gold pendant silently strengthen and attest to wedded love. On mountain roads in any country, a sign with a truck silhouette on an angled line warns drivers of steep grades ahead. The red cross signifies aid in crises. Golden arches tell the vegan to beware.

How Relevant Are The Ancient Yoga Texts?

I came across your website, and I have some questions about some points. In the historic part of your side, you said that “The period from about 7000 B.C. to 1500 A.D. was an era in the history of yoga when the teachings were written down.” Please could you give some information about [...]

The Yoga of Food

There’s a national obsession with the vegetarian diet in Yogania (just made up that country. Do you like the sounds of it? :O)).  In this land of yogites, tension often mounts between the growing camps of raw foodists, the vegans, the lacto-ovo veggies, and the “as long as it doesn’t move, I’ll eat it” clan.
They’ve [...]

Ganesha Chaturthi – an important celebration for yogis

Another important holiday is approaching for all of us aspiring yogis. Ganesha Chaturthi, the celebration of the birth of Lord Ganesha, the famed elephant-headed God. It happens this year on August 23rd.
If you’re inclined to dismiss this as just another religious holiday for Hindus, you’ll be missing out on something very important in yoga.
In my last post I gave [...]

Yoga and Hinduism – same but different …

To say that yoga is Hinduism would right away scare off a lot of people.  Probably not for any real good reason other than the fact that aversion to anything remotely “religious” is a growing sentiment in America today.  Same goes with an automatic opposition that many folks have to any religion that is not the one that they [...]