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The Yoga Class … a Licence to Print Money?

By: Yogacharya
I was sitting in a juice bar the other day sipping on my GreenEarth B-plus Energizer with Wheatgrass, and I overheard 2 stylish young urbanites kinda railing a bit on their yoga teacher. Actually, they weren’t complaining about the teacher per se, but they were definitely perturbed about the 16 dollars that she was [...]

Studying the Yoga Home Study Concept

By: Yogacharya
I’d been studying and practicing yoga for awhile before I came across Swami Gitananda’s Yoga Correspondence Course, “Yoga Step by Step.” Up until that point I had been a firm believer that yoga could only be learned face to face, in a yoga class.
But Swamiji’s course intrigued me for some reason, so I decided [...]

Yoga For Beginners

By: Yogacharya
Whenever I see a class advertised as yoga for beginners, well, let’s just say, I’m not really keen on presenting yoga in this way. I understand what the teachers are after here. They’re trying to take some of the intimidation out of yoga for the newcomers.
But I think that carving yoga up into so-called [...]

What Makes For Good Yoga Instruction Online?

By: Yogacharya
Yoga instruction online is no longer a novelty. In fact, it’s quickly becoming pretty much common place. The virtual world is adding a dimension to yoga that would have been undreamed of just a decade ago. It’s incredibly exciting and at the same time pretty darn distressing!
Yesterday I posted an article here that [...]

Can You Really Learn Yoga Online?

By: Yogacharya
I was once asked how many times I thought my Swamiji would turn over in his grave if he knew that I was encouraging my students to learn yoga online. Well, first I pointed out that Swamis are interred in Samadhis, not graves, and that they are also placed in them in an upright, [...]

Why Are There So Many New Yoga Styles Today?

By: Yogacharya
I have to bet that this is close to the number one yoga question on most people’s minds these days. The straight-forward answer is pretty simple … a lack of understanding of yoga.
Whoa, you say! My “inverted-heavy metal-yoga-for-naked-golfers” teacher is a master of yoga!
Oh. … Really? … hmmm.
Let’s be serious for a moment. There [...]

Yoga Teacher Training Courses – a look behind the curtain

By: Yogacharya
I received an email a couple days ago that reminded me of a growing frustration out there.
Despite the burgeoning yoga industry, more and more folks are becoming disappointed with what they’re getting at the yoga studio. Yet at the same time, they’re having a hard time figuring out what to do about it.
The email I [...]