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Overcoming Yoga Hurdles …

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"I need help finding a teacher that knows enough about working with people with medical conditions."

from Margaret,
This is a topic that I have always had a keen interest in. I’ve been fortunate enough to have Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani as a friend and yoga mentor in my life, a man who has a rare deep understanding and insight into yoga chikitsa (yoga therapy).  Unfortunately, I have to agree that modern yoga therapy has missed the [...]

"I'm Feeling uncomfortable with my body. I'm quite overweight, and I'd like to do you, but I feel too self-conscious whenever I go into a yoga class."

From Ariel,
I know that I speak for all yoga teachers when I say that you are not looked down upon in any way shape or form. In fact, the exact opposite is true!  You are appreciated, just like everyone else there is, for taking this step toward yoga and for doing the best that you can. Believe me, [...]

Help! "I Love yoga! But I also catch a lot of flack from my teammates (I play hockey) about doing it. I know it's helped me improve my game a lot. I just wish yoga didn't have such a wimpy image, so I wouldn't get razzed so much!"

from Ashton,
Well Ashton, I can sort of relate. When I was young I used to play a lot of sports, and I can only imagine the razzing I would have gotten if I made my yoga interests public in the locker room.  How should you respond?  My advice is to let your “game” do the talking!
Director, [...]

"I need some help being yogic in confrontational situations, and being yogic in my relationship to others."

from Linda,
These things really are what yoga is all about. Who cares how far you can bend backwards if your attitude is as rigid as steel? Just recognizing that you could have handled a situation better, or that your reaction to something could have been more yogic IS a big step.  Having that awareness is not as [...]

"I can't find a yoga class that doesn't try to compromise my personal belief structure because I don't want to be forced to be vegan in order not to be ostracized"

From Sean,
Really?  You can’t find a yoga class that won’t force you to be vegan?  Where on earth do you live?
Let me also point out that yoga advocates a vegetarian diet, not necessarily a “vegan” one.  Did you hear that?  Yoga ADVOCATES a vegetarian diet.  In fact, yoga “advocates” a lot of behaviors that may or may not [...]

Help! "I'm finding it hard to find time and space for daily practice in my new life as a Mom. I feel like I'm getting back on track, though I'm nervous that with returning to work 3 days/week I'll lose my regular practice again."

from Safa,
As a man (in other words, having never been a new mother), I fear that any advice I give in this respect would be hopelessly theoretical at best.  Yoga moms around the world, please help me out on this one :O)
Driector, International Yogalayam
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