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Yoga Tourism in India – Part 2

By: Kenneth Liberman
Read Part 1 Here
Quite a few Americans who have cultivated a “practice” – usually referred to possessively as “my practice” – find their way to India to secure further instruction at dozens, if not hundreds, of centers for teaching “yoga.” Few of these centers offer much more than asana and a web-site, although [...]

Yoga and Indian Tourism

To many, the Western approach to yoga is just another manifestation of Western materialistic ideals, albeit in a more spiritual-looking packaging. Yes, the Western take on yoga provides fodder for endless discussion, often stirring offense and even division within the hordes of those who claim yoga as their own worldwide today. Dr. Kenneth [...]

Shavasana … no time for sleeping …

Ramblings by Sonia Allen-Wall:
“Now you can choose an individual asana” the yoga teacher said
“Oh thats great” giggled one of the students “its shavasana for me!”
The class laughed. This student was always looking for the easy way out and asking for a quick fix!
“Why shavasana?” enquired the teacher
“Because its the easiest asana of course” smiled [...]

A Glimpse of Indian Culture

Many who travel to India come back a changed person. I set foot upon that land of contradictions for the first time many years ago, not knowing then that my life (and I) would never be the same. The power of India and its people to “break down” and “rebuild” has been experienced by so many outsiders for centuries now. I often receive essays like the one that follows from Westerners sharing their own profound Indian experiences.

Enlightened Times, or Dark Ages?

We’re living in times of unprecedented technological advancement … or at least we’ve been hearing that line for a decade or more now.
In a recent Time Magazine article entitled “The Boring Age,” the author, Michael Lind countered that notion by pointing out that “the gadgets of the information age have had nothing like the transformative [...]

How to Live and Extraordinary Life …

Have you heard the old Quaker saying, “Sometimes me thinks that the whole world is mad except Thou and I … and sometimes I’m not so sure about Thou!”
Isn’t it ironic that the one thing most all of us have in common is the feeling that we are different from the crowd? Of [...]

Is Yoga Turning Women Into Men?

As yoga continues to grow in popularity, controversial statements about its practice and benefits spew from the mouths of an increasing number of undereducated, ovezealous yoga enthusiats. Fame and popularity, it seems, does not even preclude the folly, with mega-gurus like Baba Ramdev, for instance, professing yoga as a cure for homsexuality (although I do agree that yoga is a great cure for homophobia!).

I came across this article published almost 2 decades ago, which not only ignited a fire of controversy then, but shows that the ignorance about yoga and its real methodology and practice is nothing new at all …


While yoga enthusiasts are no longer in short supply, it is still rare today to encounter one who has a remarkable depth of understanding of this vast science of yoga. If yoga were a doctoral program, then most who practice it today are still in preschool … with a long way still to go.
Dr. [...]

Too Pooped to Practice? Try vitamin B-One

By: Yogacharya
I know you’ve felt what I’m feeling right now. I’ve been sitting in front of my computer all day, my neck is aching, my back is sore, and my eyes are so strained that I probably wouldn’t see a giant flying potato coming right at me!
I really need to do some yoga … but [...]

Don’t Get Pissed. Ignorance is Bliss!

By: Yogacharya
In a post I made a little while ago about why there are so many “new yoga styles” today, I said that ignorance is the main reason. Well, let me tell you, this little statement seems to have set off a bit of a firestorm. Not here on my Blog where I originally posted [...]

A Yoga Reality Check

By Yogacharya
I know what it’s like to walk into a yoga class and feel completely out of place (I still do, actually, but for other reasons now ;O).  When I first tried yoga, oh way back when, I couldn’t even touch my toes … not even close!
Fortunately for me, I was persistent … and also [...]

Ashtanga Yoga … how strong are YOUR 8 limbs?

By: Yogacharya
Oh no, you say … not another article on the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga!
Oh Yes …   but before you click away and do another Google search for free yoga videos, let me ask you this one question:
Are you sure that you REALLY want to practice yoga?
If that sounds like a strange question, then [...]

Reinvent Yourself Through Yoga

What does it take to reinvent yourself? Perhaps a better question to start with is, why would you even want to? Sure, maybe you wouldn’t mind shedding a few pounds. Perhaps a bit less stress would be nice too … and no doubt you’d be happy to have a little more free time in your [...]