Is Yoga Turning Women Into Men?

As yoga continues to grow in popularity, controversial statements about its practice and benefits spew from the mouths of an increasing number of undereducated, ovezealous yoga enthusiats. Fame and popularity, it seems, does not even preclude the folly, with mega-gurus like Baba Ramdev, for instance, professing yoga as a cure for homsexuality (although I do agree that yoga is a great cure for homophobia!).

I came across this article published almost 2 decades ago, which not only ignited a fire of controversy then, but shows that the ignorance about yoga and its real methodology and practice is nothing new at all …

Ashtanga Yoga … how strong are YOUR 8 limbs?

By: Yogacharya
Oh no, you say … not another article on the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga!
Oh Yes …   but before you click away and do another Google search for free yoga videos, let me ask you this one question:
Are you sure that you REALLY want to practice yoga?
If that sounds like a strange question, then [...]