"I can't find a yoga class that doesn't try to compromise my personal belief structure because I don't want to be forced to be vegan in order not to be ostracized"

From Sean,
Really?  You can’t find a yoga class that won’t force you to be vegan?  Where on earth do you live?
Let me also point out that yoga advocates a vegetarian diet, not necessarily a “vegan” one.  Did you hear that?  Yoga ADVOCATES a vegetarian diet.  In fact, yoga “advocates” a lot of behaviors that may or may not [...]

The Yoga of Food

There’s a national obsession with the vegetarian diet in Yogania (just made up that country. Do you like the sounds of it? :O)).  In this land of yogites, tension often mounts between the growing camps of raw foodists, the vegans, the lacto-ovo veggies, and the “as long as it doesn’t move, I’ll eat it” clan.
They’ve [...]