What Makes For Good Yoga Instruction Online?

By: Yogacharya

Yoga instruction online is no longer a novelty. In fact, it’s quickly becoming pretty much common place. The virtual world is adding a dimension to yoga that would have been undreamed of just a decade ago. It’s incredibly exciting and at the same time pretty darn distressing!

Yesterday I posted an article here that answered the question “can you really learn yoga online?” … and the answer was a definite maybe!

… Because that question is like asking “Is running good for you?” The answer depends on a lot of factors. If you’re being chased by a bear, then yes, running is good for you. If you just had quadruple by-pass surgery, then no, it’s definitely not!

In order to know if yoga instruction online is a good way to learn yoga, there are a lot of factors to mull over… and it unfortunately means that we have to tread somewhat into that inferno of heated emotions swirling around the question of just what proper yoga instruction is.

It’s a smelly swamp that, I admit, I do plunk myself into and usually hop quickly back out of from time to time … and the after-stench of the experience usually leaves me vowing to keep my distance a little further from it the next time. Anyhow, it’s late and I don’t feel inclined to open up that can of worms any further this evening.

So what makes for good yoga instruction online? The same thing that makes for good yoga instruction in the living, breathing world … a teacher that has the knowledge and experience of yoga themselves to be able to guide others safely and effectively along the yoga path.

Sure, that’s a little easier to suss out in person than it is from a well-polished website or DVD productions that have been edited to impressive fashion. At least up close, in person, flaws and cracks can’t be edited out, and teachers have to demonstrate without a script, just what yogic living really is.

So if you’re looking for yoga instruction online, then the best piece of advice I can give you is to “do your homework.” All is not what it always seems in cyberspace … That’s why they call it the “virtual world.” And always remember, as the BHAGAVAD GITA cautions us, in Kali Yuga, our present age, great orators are often mistaken for the wise.


Yogacharya is Director of International Yogalayam and Editor of “The Yoga News

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