Yoga – a get out of jail FREE card!

They may not be evolving into saints just yet, but prisoners of one detention centre in India are reaping the benefits of a few yoga exercises in more ways than one.

Gwalior Jail in Madhya Pradesh has spearheaded an interesting new initiative which will allow prisoners who attend yoga sessions to shave some time off of their sentences.

Prison officials recognize that the yoga lessons they are helping their inmates improve self-control and lessen their aggression. So they are giving some credit to prisoners who engage in the classes.

“Yoga is good for maintaining fitness, calming the behaviour, controlling anger and reducing stress,” Sanjay Mani, Inspector-General of Prisons in Madhya Pradesh, said.

For every three months spent doing deep breathing exercises, sun salutations and other yoga postures, a prisoner will get 15 days off their sentence. Thus far 400 inmates are involved in the program, and 68 have been set for earlier release.

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