Yoga and Hinduism – same but different …

To say that yoga is Hinduism would right away scare off a lot of people.  Probably not for any real good reason other than the fact that aversion to anything remotely “religious” is a growing sentiment in America today.  Same goes with an automatic opposition that many folks have to any religion that is not the one that they “belong to”.

Fortunately, yoga is NOT the Hindu religion.  But the foundations of yoga do lie in the same place from which the Hindu religion sprang forth … in the Vedic culture of ancient India.

Yoga and Hinduism: one and the same?” is a great article that helps to shed some light on the relationship between yoga and Hinduism, what yoga is and what yoga is not. Click here to read it now …


Yogacharya is Director of International Yogalayam and Editor of “The Yoga News

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